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We Are Geek can restore your system to its original factory condition.


Factory restore windows reinstall images of the Windows recovery process
Factory restore windows reinstall – quite major surgery is sometimes need to sort out a PC. A factory restore or Windows reinstall is sometimes needed to solve major virus or security problems. It’s also a good idea if you are selling your whole computer, complete with hard drive, and want to make sure your personal information can’t be retrieved by the person you are selling to.

A factory restore can get your machine back to the lovely fast speed it was when you first got your PC, and can help delay buying a new machine.

I can often ‘go back in time’ (because here at we are geeks, I have special Doctor Who time travel skills), to an earlier point in your PC’s history.

I can often refresh your machine, keeping your files, or removing your files, and just keeping Windows.

I can start again with your machine, and set it up without all the bloatware and free trials that can slow it down and clutter it up.

Factory restore / windows reinstalls can in fact be very beneficial, and some people even suggest doing on it once a year. I think that’s going too far. They can be time consuming – allow 2-3 hours plus time to reload your personal files. Whilst this can be relatively expensive, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new machine. And in most cases, a new machine is not needed, so you get extra Brownie points for being green and environmentally aware too, and you get the Windows equivalent of a ‘new’ or refreshed PC.

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