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Plusnet – real value broadband and fibre

You may have seen the Plusnet ads. They’re a Sheffield-based broadband and phone provider, selling services to homes and businesses across the UK. They’ve got award winning service, with 24/7, 365 days a year help from a UK customer support centre.

But what you may not know is that they are owned BT. And Plusnet currently run the Vodafone@home and John Lewis Broadband broadband brands.

I’ve tried a couple of other internet service providers, Virgin, BT, O2 and Sky. Most impressed with Plusnet service, reliability and prices.

The UK-based service staff listen, identify the issue, understand it and deal with it efficiently. I often have to deal with other broadband companies on behalf of clients and I find that some other call handlers simply follow a script and seem to lack a understanding of their services. There isn’t a perfect broadband provider, but I have no problem recommending Plusnet as your phone and broadband provider.

And a huge selling point – unlimited data, which means that you can stream and download to your heart’s content, and not be worried about reaching your limit.

Switching to Plusnet

Switching is easy. When I changed, they keep me informed with text messages. WeAreGeek get a very small commission if you buy through the banner below.

Switching from your current ISP (internet service provider) couldn’t be easier, and Plusnet usually have you up and running in around ten days.

If you have a working phone line, then simply sign up to one of their packages and they’ll do the rest. Your broadband and phone will both be switched over in as little as ten working days from the date of your order.

If you don’t have a working phone line, they’ll need to send an engineer to you. Your new phone line will be live as soon as it is installed, and your broadband will be available within 5 working days of line installation.

They also transfer your existing phone number to Plusnet, so no need to change!

  • I wouldn’t be recommending them if they weren’t good
  • They’re also value for money
  • They’ve also been a Which? Recommended Provider for their broadband.


Join Plusnet by clicking on their logo:

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