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Personal shopper


We Are Geek provide a personal shopper service because computer shops can be scary places – especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. The vast array of laptops, desktops, printers, scanners and routers is enough to confuse anyone. And then there are all the technological terms to understand too – have you really got time to swot up on all things IT before you go shopping? And it is so easy to buy the wrong thing.

Of course, you could ask the salesperson – but do you trust them? Are they going to sell you something that makes them a big commission, rather than the equipment that best suits your needs? We Are Geek are independent and can offer impartial advice without all the techno-speak.

Don’t know what to buy? Let John from We Are Geek spend a little time listening to find out your needs and what you want to achieve. He’ll then help you decide on what laptop or other equipment to buy.

We Are Geek don’t sell equipment directly. Instead John will point you to trusted suppliers, usually household names like John Lewis, Amazon and PC World.

You benefit from impartial information, without the hard sell.

In essence, We Are Geek provide a PC and equipment personal shopper service, working with trusted household names.

We Are Geek have up-to-date knowledge, experience, and technical skills to help you make the right decision when choosing new computer equipment for your home or business.


Our personal shopper service includes

  • An initial chat to establish what you will be using your computer/equipment for.
  • You choose where to meet – locally (Tyne and Wear area), or your home to buy online. Or remotely over the internet, with both of us viewing the same retailer website.
  • Help selecting a range of computers/equipment that will fit your needs.
  • Advice on any additional software, accessories or services you may need to purchase.
  • A conversation free of geek speak – unless you want to.


What it costs

We Are Geek’s Personal Shopper service is charged at our usual hourly rates.
Further details can be found here.
Please contact us if you are interested in this service.


We receive a small commission if you buy your stuff through our Amazon storeAmazon Personal shopper and you pay the same as if you went directly through to Amazon.