What is Allowlisting? How do I add email addresses to my safe senders list in my email client (or my security software)?

What is Whitelisting? Crowd asking how to get on the list?


Ever get annoyed because you don’t seem to get certain email messages? Well, email messages can be blocked or filtered into the SPAM or bulk folder. As a result you may not see certain email messages.

Whitelisting, an industry-standard term, enables emails from a chosen contact, such as WeAreGeek, to be allowed into your email inbox. A more up to date term, avoiding racial overtones, and actually a more obvious term is ‘allowlist’.

Adding such trusted email addresses to your allowlist so that they can pass easily through your spam filter or junk folder varies across the different email clients (software) and internet security platforms. I’ve put together a list of the most commonly used email programs with easy to follow instructions on how to add email addresses to your Safe Senders List.

What is an Email Safe Senders List?

Each email program features spam filters which automatically recognise allowlisted and blocklisted email addresses. Allowlisted addresses are deemed acceptable and mail from these addresses is usually delivered to the inbox without additional filtering. Blocklisted (‘blacklisted’) addresses are senders from which you do not wish to receive email communication from. The Safe Senders List is a list of all email addresses you would like to receive email from without impediment.

Your Safe Senders List is managed by you within your email program and can be easily updated based on your preferences. By default, email messages that you add to your own personal address book are considered safe and will not be re-routed to your junk email folder.

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