Hardware installation

Hardware installation


hardware installation - pci-E card being put on motherboard


We Are Geek can help with new webcams, printers, replacement hard drives, etc.

Hardware problems can cause error messages, boot failures and erratic or poor performance. We Are Geek can diagnose and fix PC faults, faults with the hard disk or memory, power supply failures, display or screen problems, keyboard problems and graphics card issues and more. Contact us to arrange a diagnosis and repair today.

We can diagnose hardware problems for you. In fact, most of these problems can be solved by simply upgrading failing hardware. We handle most types of hardware upgrades in PC desktops and laptops.

Common jobs include installing new hard drive to increase the storage capacity, replacing faulty hard drives, memory increase, setting up new wifi printers.

Hardware installation

Hardware upgrades include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • PCs and laptops – set up new machines, transfer data.
  • Computer Power Supplies.
  • Processors (CPUs).
  • Video Cards – for gaming, HD graphics or multiple monitors
  • Hard Drive Upgrades – more space for files and software.
  • Memory Upgrades.
  • CD-ROM.
  • CD-RW (CD Burner).
  • DVD-RW (DVD Burner).
  • Sound cards.
  • USB cards – extra USB sockets.
  • Network cards.

We Are Geek can help to prolong the life of your existing computer by installing additional memory, sound and video cards, upgrading hardware needed to keep it running and much more….

We will always advise against an uneconomical repair, and offer solutions based on your needs – performance, price, looks, ease of use.

And because we are a small business, you always get the best possible customer service from us.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service.


We offer a personnel shopper service that helps you decide on the best hardware and software solutions for you.

Buy your hardware through our Amazon storehardware installation - buy from Amazon and we’ll come and install it asap.