Software installation

Software installation

Software installation

We Are Geek can help you choose and install open source or paid-for software. Not sure about which technology best suits your home or business? Get practical and independent advice on a range of ICT related issues. We provide a software installation service that includes helping you choose the right app for you.

We don’t sell software, but can help you choose software and suppliers. We can give unbiased information because we don’t get huge commissions on expensive software. We can suggest software that costs the low price of nothing, and also the paid for software that you may use at work.

We can suggest a variety of software and cloud based solutions from Microsoft, Google, the Document Foundation, Mozilla, VideoLAN etc including:

  • Operating Systems
  • Anti-virus & Security – like AVG, McAfee, Microsoft Defender and Norton.
  • Office suites like LibreOffice and Microsoft Office.
  • Data Backup Solutions.
  • Email programs & Spam protection.
  • Video and music playing.


We only suggest reliable, often industry standard software. Any downloads suggested are only from safe, trusted sources. Absolutely NO dodgy, pirated software with the chance of viruses and other malware.

There are some amazingly useful apps and programs that you can download for free. In the time it takes to make a cup of tea, you can install a free piece of software onto your PC that can hold its own against paid-for software.

And with our experience, we can reduce the chance of installing adware, unwanted toolbars and other malicious software. We can help you choose everything from photo-editing software to complete office suites. If you’re doing software installation yourself, watch out for unwanted extras. And always look for the options to tick or untick to help avoid stuff you don’t want.

Please contact us if you need software installation help. We visit you in your home or office in the Acton W3 West London area.

In many cases software installation can be done remotely over a secure connection from our system.