Quicker start – reduce the number of programs running at startup

Slug beating a slow PC


Slow PC? Does it take too long to boot (or to ‘to startup’), it’s probably because you have far too many programs running at startup.

Reducing this is easy, and it will make your PC launch noticeably faster and lighter upon first load.

To change the items running at startup, go to Run using the hotkey Windows key + R, and type “msconfig.”

A small window will appear (see the screenshot below), select the Startup tab.
From here you will be able to turn off a range of startup programs, which can cut seconds (or minutes) off your boot time. (Note Windows 8 has moved this functionality to the Task Manager).

Try to make sure you research what you are turning off as some processes might be needed by third party programs or drivers you have installed. So don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing.

Speeding up a PC usually needs a number of steps. If you need help, please contact WeAreGeek.uk