Prices – cost effective hourly rate

Cost-effective prices

 We Are Geek prices: £40 per hour
Simple prices. Basic price only £40 per hour (or part of).
*Spares and equipment not included

In most cases, it is difficult to give an accurate quote because your problem could be caused by a number of issues, and there could be a range of possible solutions.

As a guide, most jobs take between 1 – 3 hours.

When contacting We Are Geek, please provide as much information about what’s happening with your machine (or your training needs).
This is because We Are Geek tend to only take on jobs that can be reasonably sorted, e.g. it’s probably no good spending money fixing a laptop if the laptop is ten years out of date, and needs intensive work done on it.

For all jobs, the minimum price £40.

To help you get full value for money, We Are Geek can combine repair/support with tutoring or showing you how to solve a particular task with your software or app.

You have peace of mind, knowing that the job is done, and without the hassle or the uncertainty of going to the high street. And since most jobs are completed remotely or on site, you can watch what’s happening to your trusted equipment. And with remote support, you can see what’s happening on your screen as I move the mouse, open pages etc without even having to feel you have to tidy up.

Minimum price £40.

Remote support or a home / business visit are available.

We Are Geek are pleased to accept cash, cheque, PayPal or cards.


Using public transport:

  • £10 Local travel to you is £10 – SPECIAL OFFER – currently free if the job is in Wallsend
  • £15 for journeys expected to take more than 30 mins
  • £25 for journeys expected to take more than 60 mins *
  • £35 for journeys expected to take more than 90 mins *

As part of We Are Geek’s green approach, remote support is used, and public transport when needed.

* For longer journeys you may be asked to pay upfront:

  • the above travel fees (basically because the journey time is ‘dead’ time)
  • the price of the train tickets etc (e.g. buy an e-ticket) and
  • the first hour of work.

We Are Geek reserve the right to amend these prices.